Preparing to SELL your home

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One of the most important things that you can do, whether selling your home or not, is to safeguard it from potential buyers, or even from your guests, contractors and your children's friends who are in your home from time to time . Today, prescription drugs has become such  a huge problem, that we need to make sure that we put away anything tempting out of reach and site.   As part of my marketing plan for the sale of your home,  we will most likely be holding broker and public open houses .  Although everyone that walks through your home is screened to some degree, we have no way of knowing if they have any type of problems with prescription drugs, and there is always the possibility that someone asks to use your restroom with the door closed, which is where most homeowners keep their medications.  Also, when realtors show your home on their own, we have the same concern.  Drugs are not always kept in the bathroom. Many homeowners leave their prescriptions in other convenient places such as in their side tables next to their beds, in their kitchen drawers or even in their linen closets.